The Industry’s Leading Unified Roofing System

Meet the most reliable elastomeric coating products on the market. Rugged Coatings prioritizes high-quality products and customer care above all else, ensuring that your projects will be in the right hands.

Durable and consistent, Rugged Coatings’ elastomeric roof coatings and spray-applied roof systems are currently leading the industry. Along with sister company Accufoam®, there’s not much Creative Polymer Solutions can’t handle for you.

The struggle with suppliers

From companies constantly changing their formulas to a history of poor customer service, multinational coating providers don’t have the best track record. It’s not uncommon to try to order a product, only to find out it has been discontinued or it’s out of stock. Used to being disrupted or held back by unreliable manufacturers, contractors have accepted inconvenience as the price of roofing… but this doesn’t have to be the reality.

For contractors, by contractors.

Contractors deserve a product that is in-stock, reliably made, and performs as expected 100% of the time. Just as important as the product’s quality is working with a company committed to responsive, around-the-clock customer care. The comfort in knowing that your supplier has your back is worth the switch to Rugged Coatings.

Rugged Coatings to the rescue

Rugged Coatings supplies two different elastomeric roof coatings, each with their own benefits:

Rugged Ac58 is an easy-to-use, affordable roof coating
with a service life of 7-14 years.

Without requiring any special equipment, this product
is ideal for both low-slope/flat-roof systems and hot
and dry climates.

Rugged Si92 is a high-solids formula that dramatically decreases the amount of product lost to evaporation.

A solid option for any roof, the incredibly adhesive
and tough Rugged Si92 can stick to the largest and most slippery of services for up to 20 years.

Two products for two times the strength and durability — the solution to all of your roofing needs.

Our integrated foam and coating roofing system is engineered to work together, delivering iron-clad strength and protection, and superior results.

Interested in Working with Our Products?

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