World-class chemical production company specializing in polyurethane formulations and coatings.

From the factory to the job site, Creative Polymer Solutions takes an innovative approach to develop application-specific solutions leveraging the unique and versatile properties of polyurethane resins.

Our commitment to quality control and precision means that you can guarantee our products will exceed expectations. And we keep that promise through our divisions: Accufoam® and Rugged Coatings.

An Industry Growing.
A Market Booming.

Over the next four years, the polymer market is expected to grow at a whopping CAGR of 6%, with opportunities in the residential market, commercial market, and several other markets (Business Wire).

Why? Because building and construction activities are on the rise, and the accelerating trend toward sustainable building is making waves for innovative infrastructure solutions.

From stringent government regulations toward energy efficiency, increasing demand for green building infrastructure, and a focus on environmentally conscious practices, the market of polymers used for construction is becoming more desirable by the minute.

And as old and failing infrastructure needs repairing, engineers, city planners, and others who make decisions on infrastructure want the fast, cost effective solutions offered by CPS brands.

What’s more? Accufoam® and Rugged Coatings are growing faster than the market.

High-Quality Products backed by Industry-Best Customer Service.

CPS was founded in 2015 to manufacture a wide range of custom polyurethane formulations systems. Everything we do reflects our precision chemistry, high-accuracy manufacturing, and dependable customer service. All so you can have a partner you’re confident relying on.

We have created two industry-breaking companies: Accufoam® and Rugged Coatings. They’ve now branched out into rigid spray foam insulation for residential and commercial applications.

Meet Your Complete Solution for High-Spec Roofing Systems.

Rugged Coatings.
Robust Strength.

Rugged Coatings develops and manufactures industry-leading elastomeric roof coatings, and provides spray-applied roof systems.

Our durable and consistent high-quality products provide excellent resilience in the face of any environment. Plus, our devotion to customer service means that you get your products exactly when you need them, backed by a committed and responsive customer service team.

Get in control and finally start finishing jobs with the most reliable elastomeric coating products on the market. Check out our website to learn more.

Some call it Magic.
We call it Accufoam®.

Our chemists have spent the last three years relentlessly testing and perfecting what we know to be the most accurate and precise spray foam formula available today.

We test every single batch for moisture, viscosity, reactivity, and more. Then, we spray it in hot, cold, humid, and arid conditions to make sure it performs exactly how it needs to in real working environments, not just in the lab. The result? A flow state where contractors can spray and work without interruption.

Additionally, we make sure our contractors have the best customer support possible, so that they feel confident in their products and the people who provide them. Visit our website to learn more.

Work with the Industry’s Best at CPS

Interested in a career with us? We invest in the most brilliant and creative minds who are driven by their passion to solve problems and to make things better. We believe in the people behind our business. When you work for CPS, you join a team of forward-thinking professionals who share a dream to create, innovate, improve, and solve.

CPS is excelling quickly in the marketplace and will only continue to grow for years to come. Learn more about how you can join our incredible journey today.

Interested in Working with Our Products?

Contact us and we’ll connect you with an Accufoam® and/or Rugged Coatings distributor in your area. We work closely with our distributors to provide industry-leading contractor support.