About Us

CPS is a wholly owned subsidiary of Signet, LLC. We leverage the capabilities of our state-of-the-art laboratory to enable our technical staff to work directly with customers. This enhances quality, while increasing capacity and the capability to service a growing need for creative, cutting-edge solutions for challenging applications, both regionally and globally.


CPS supports independent coating firms and manufacturing facilities located throughout the southeast United States.

Signet’s principal business philosophies include promoting creativity within each portfolio company, and encouraging a total solution approach to customer satisfaction.

With the worldwide economy suffering from the effects of infrastructure corrosion, CPS increases Signet’s reach in becoming part of the total solution to that significant problem.

CPS, with its engineering, chemistry and manufacturing resources, is in a strong position to serve customers’ protective and rehabilitative coating needs by creating formulations that respond favorably to unique environmental conditions. We take pride in supporting innovation and new product development that will meet the significant technical challenges of the coming years.


Jerry Gordon

Jerry received his Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Relations from New Jersey’s Rider University, where he minored in Accounting. He worked first at BOC Gases, then moved on to Eutectic Inc., a New York-based consumer electronics firm. From there he moved to Insituform Inc., where he learned the trenchless technology approach to underground infrastructure repair and replacement. He then spent a few years learning more about the business at LSL Consulting before becoming president of Sprayroq Inc.