CPS focuses on capabilities and performance in developing its state of the art polyurethane and polyurea lining products. We use the latest technology, in a process guided by QA/QC best practices. Our all-new, proprietary configured equipment ensures that our formulations are manufactured to the highest material tolerances, assuring you of their optimal performance.

  • Polyureas & Primers – Spray-applied protective and structural liners
  • Spray Foams – Spray-applied insulation
  • Unique Applications – Injectable resins for rock and soil stabilization

Custom Research & Development

We continue to perform third-party, external independent testing of our proprietary products, and have now supplemented this with in-house testing systems.

These give our customers immediate feedback on their private label products, bolstering efficencies and enabling better QA/QC.


MTS Materials Testing Systems

We’ve invested in MTS Materials Testing Systems in our lab, to test everything from single-axis tension/compression to complex fracture mechanics and multi-axial fatigue. This ensures your product delivers the precise, repeatable results you need and expect.

Taber Abrasion Testing Equipment

Our Taber Industries Abrasion System is a precision-built instrument developed to perform accelerated wear testing. Capable of providing reliable data in a matter of minutes compared to the years that may be required by in-use testing, it has become the standard for evaluating abrasion resistance.

TA Instruments Thermal Analyzers

We use TA Instruments thermal conductivity meters for precise, accurate measurement of heat transfer properties of our product materials. Thermal conductivity defines a material’s ability to store and transfer heat. Assessment of these properties is critical for any material that experiences large or fast temperature gradients, or whose tolerance for temperature change is exacting.