Markets Served


If they’re responsible for infrastructure assets, chances are we work with them. CPS is proud to provide our products to leading applicators in the protective and rehabilitative coatings field, working in many different industries.

  • Utilities & Energy
    Power plants, hydroelectric dams, transformer stations, electrical distribution systems
  • PetroChem
    Refineries, tank farms, processing plants, storage facilties, rail transport tanks
  • Government Agencies
    Municipal Public Works departments, public and private water and wastewater treatment plants, parks systems, military installations, transportation systems
  • Manufacturing
    Business facilities, factories, manufacturing processing plants
  • Institutional
    Education, healthcare and corrections campuses
  • Agricultural
    Livestock and dairy farms, orchards, nurseries, grow operations
  • Maritime
    Shipping vessels, ports and bulkheads, shipyards, cranes, cleats, buoys and other maritime facilities
  • Communications
    Broadcast stations and systems, cable stations and systems, telephony, cellular and data providers