Custom Blending and Formulation


Creative Polymer Solutions is a perfect name for our company. We take a singularly innovative approach to developing application-specific solutions leveraging the unique and versatile properties of polyurethane and polyurea resins.

We’re small enough to give each of our customers attentive service, but our plant and staff offer significant production capacity and expertise. If you’ve had enough of getting lost in the shuffle of a corporate giant, give us a call. We’ll remind you of the benefits of truly personalized service, backed by impeccable, accountable Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC).

CPS is capable of custom short-run batch processing, with a full development team on staff. We can provide inhouse and third-party product testing, to assure you of the quality and performance of the products we develop and manufacture for you.

Toll Services

If you’ve created your own formula, we can manufacture it for you, private label your packaging, and provide distributor fulfillment.

Custom Blending

If you’re looking for a lining material with certain performance characteristics, our professionals can

  • develop the formula right here in our lab
  • manufacture the product in our state-of-the-art blending facility
  • private label the material containers
  • ship it to your distributors or installers
  • train installers in proper application in our hybrid classroom/fully featured workshop and application booth